Hacked Library School

Because I’m a new library science student as well as new to the library science field in general (yeah, I’m basically green all around), I’ve spent some time seeking out various library-related blogs to familiarize myself with current issues.  I thought I’d share a blog I stumbled upon while researching library schools and have been enjoying ever since: Hack Library School.

Hack Library School is a blog written by library professionals, recent MLIS graduates, and current students.  They cover a wide range of topics from reviews of graduate programs (see the overview of SJSU), to advice for students and tips for job hunting (“How to Stand Out in the Job Search Crowd” and “Building Your eResume“), to general topics and skills related to the field (see Copyright and/or Web Development).  It’s great to read advice from other students on how they stay motivated, balance work-life obligations, and their tips for completing practicums and internships.  Specifically, the “So What Do You Do?” series highlights students’ experiences as interns.

Maybe the best aspect of this site is its collaborative nature, bringing together students and alumni from a variety of schools, backgrounds, and countries.  Many of posts lead to extensive (but polite!) discussion among readers.

If you are not already acquainted, I highly recommend you check it out!


One thought on “Hacked Library School

  1. I’m glad you have found Hack Library School to be a useful source of information for you. I really enjoyed being a writer, but have since stepped aside since I started my new job.

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